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Using a Star's Spectrum to observe Doppler Effect

by ohoegh

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Make the "Direction Relative to Earth" away, and turn the speed up.  To what end of the spectrum do the spectral lines shift?
What happens when you make the star's direction "toward"?


  • HeleanBArwari
    The left is blue .......right is red
  • KelliS
    The spectra lines shift to the right. A blue shift occurs when the light moves toward you.
  • AnnaMahowald
    A red shift is when the spectra lines are moving away, or right. And a blue shift is when the spectra lines are moving towards you, or left.
  • KasB.
    If the meter is switched to "away" the specrtum moves right when speed is increased.
    When the meter is switched to "toward" the spectrum moves to the left when speed is increased.
  • tylerj
    max and toward.
  • NateB
    When going away it has a red shift moving to the right and when it comes closer it has a blue shift moving to the right.
  • JohnnyC
    right is red shift and left is blue shift
  • lukasn
    right red
    left blue
  • KatlynA
    right is a red shift and when it comes towards it is a blue shift to the left
  • dylant
    right=red left=blue
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