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Lift Table and Race Car Repair

by actuatorzone

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A lift table is designed to elevate heavy machinery to a certain operating height. The working of a lift table is easy and mechanized to handle heavy weight. 12Volt Actuators are installed in the base of the device, these actuators help in lifting the weight of the car. The process of operating this lift requires years of knowledge and experience. Actuator power is very difficult to handle and operate; small movements can trigger problems that might inherit irreparable damage. Weight of the car should be centrally balanced for smooth lifting, the need to have perfect balance is important.

This article talks on the process involved in lifting a race car, adhere to the simple guidelines to know how a lift table works in such conditions.

  • Every race car is different from the rest, it is important to know the correct dimensions in regards to lift it with the correct apparatus.

  • The lift table is custom made to match the specifications and designs of the car, it is also important to know the payload capacity of the lift to ensure smooth functioning.

  • The race car is loaded on the main loading ramp of the lift. It is important for the engineer to switch off the engine during this process. It is also important for the engineer to engage the car in drive mode or first gear to restrict its movements.

  • Once the car is loaded on the ramp, the operating engineer can further release the current pressure of the actuator. The actuator goes through this change very quickly and in less time.

  • An on board computer will give complete access in performing the lift step. The computer has maximum control options that will ensure smooth operation. It will provide options for maintaining the required height.

  • The user needs to check or click the required option button where the computer will start the lifting process. The race car is then lifted according to the height of the engineer or repair it requires. The entire process consumes not more than a minute; it is quick and easy for maximum support.

  • The engineers will conduct their repairs or maintenance procedures as per the schedule. These engineers get correct and easy access to the internal and external parts of the car. Conducting repairs on the same is not hectic neither stressful. The entire process is completed within minutes.

  • Once the repair procedure finishes, the car is unloaded in the same manner. The on board computer performs the necessary checks and releases the pressure for lowering the car. 12 Volt Actuator do the job in less time.

The above-mentioned process provides maximum support to race cars during races. Rally cars widely make use of table lifts since they have limited time in conducting repairs and maintenance of the cars.


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