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The past week on the forex market was a little choppy for our traders. Across my portfolio of forex signals I managed to still etch out a $1,500 profit thank you predominantly to Mr Rigasoy who seems to be getting his groove back returning approximately 8% for the week.


You can view the result of my portfolio through my video blog on youtube. All you need to do is search “nick’s forex journey” I have a series of videos that are updated each week with the performance of my accounts as well as featuring one or two of my traders in detail.


The Gold Master has continued his unbeaten run and still not lost a trade since the 25th February. The Gold Master does not use a forex ea. He uses his own manual forex trading system that he has developed over the past 10 years. I can honestly say that he offers my portfolio one of the most stable automated forex trading systems I have the pleasure of following.


FX Amplified had it’s first losing week since I started trading the system in late January, however this was nothing to worry. Every forex trader experiences losses , what is important is the performance of the signal over a 3 to 12 month period. I have extreme confidence that FX Amplified will be able to generate 100% and above annual returns. He’s one of the best traders I have ever had the pleasure of observing, and being able to offer his trading signals to the retail FX market is truly a privilege. 


The weekend gap on EURUSD was favourable as it moved roughly 50 pips towards the entry price of 1.28967. The short term view of EURUSD is around the 1.27 mark according to the professional traders behind this trading system. This is the last week of the month, and anyone familiar with the currency market and calculation of fund managers performance fees will know that the result at the end of the month makes the difference between being paid or having to wait another month. So for this reason alone we expect this trader to be putting his best foot forward inside our forex trading room and on the forex signal copier.


If you want to take advantage of our free forex signals or a 24hr fx trading room where you can interact with professional traders live as they make their decisions in the market then please register for the trading room on


See you in the trading room!




Nick McDonald


The business address is :-
9 Bangalla Place, Forestville
phone number is +61414803714

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