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Get Trained At Supervisor Compliance and Motivate Workplace

by hugholdham

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Supervisors who make decisions regarding employees, which need to undergo the reasonable suspicion test, must complete at least 2 hours of alcohol and drug awareness training: one hour on signs and symptoms regarding drug use and another one hour on signs and symptoms for alcohol misuse. Along with that employers have to maintain documented proof after the Supervisor’s completion of the required training.


The training is necessary because the DOT wants to ensure that the determinations to conduct reasonable suspicion testing must be based on specific and contemporaneous observations of an employee’s performance, behavior, and appearance as well as body and breath odors. The observations must be made and documented only by the supervisor who has undertaken the DOT awareness training on the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug misuse and the need for reasonable suspicion testing.


The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online or Live course is the best program for supervisors of drivers and safety-sensitive employees who are looking for alcohol and drug awareness training. The program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department has been prepared completely according to the DOT guidelines and covers all the necessary topics in detail. The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and Live courses are two-hour program: 60 minutes for alcohol awareness and 60 minutes of drug education. Moreover, both programs are offered in English and Spanish as well.


The program offered by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Departmentmentions that in the case of reasonable suspicion alcohol testing, the observations of employee’s behavior, performance, appearance and odor must be made just before, during, or after performing their duties. Whereas, the decision for a reasonable suspicion drug test can be done at any time the supervisor observes employee’s suspicious behavior or appearance indicating possible use of controlled substances in the workplace or just before coming to work.


Even if the tests cannot be conducted, it’s the employer’s responsibility to remove any such employee from safety-sensitive duties whose behavior or appearance indicates that he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and Live course states that this requirement of exclusion from safety-sensitive duties such as driving is to ensure that an employee who may not be fit for duty does not continue to risk himself as well as his co-workers and/or the public.


One of the most difficult things for supervisors when confronting employees for reasonable suspicion is the fear of being wrong. Their fear of accusing the abuser of using drugs or alcohol, or being involved in illegal or prohibited activities in the workplace. Supervisors often fear being sued or having a labor grievance action brought against them.


The program offered by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Departmentexplains that these fears can be minimized if supervisors understand that a decision to make an employee undergo testing is not an accusation or an attempt to diagnose drug or alcohol use or addiction. It is a tool to deter alcohol and substance abuse, to maintain workplace safety, by identifying the employees who need help in resolving problems associated with drug or alcohol abuse.

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