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Nautilus Presents New Drivers'

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Nautilus IDScan developed information parsing part for U.S.A. issued Drivers' licenses which allows to incorporate Drivers' License reading and parsing capabilities in to any program. Are you an owner of a bar, restaurant, casino, health club or pawn shop? Or perhaps you are a mortgage broker or auto dealer and you require to scan IDs and monitor information about your customers or employees. Then NAUTILUS ID Scan can make your life simpler by providing powerful and reliable ID application and also all the necessary hardware (scanners and other barcode readers) to get you up and walking in no time.

(PRWEB) April 29, 2010 -- Driver License software recognizes and parses digital information from magnetic stripe and/or 2D barcode from drivers' licenses of all states (except Georgia) and lots of IDs from US territories, Canadian provinces, and US government IDs.

ID Scan helped lots of businesses with different solutions:

Age Verification

Scan IDs and confirm ages of customers to protect business from liability for regulated activities

 Visitor Management or Point of Sale Customer Management:

Monitor who is coming in and out of buildings or validate age or identity at Point of Sale

•Event Management

Check in attendees for various events (conferences, expos, festivals, fairs, etc.)

•Membership Management

Effectively enroll and track members, their behavior patterns and their membership status

•Staff Management

Monitor when staff are on the premises, when they leave their stations, and the locations that they are given access to

•Access Control Management

•Monitor access to premises by strangers, who may arrive in vehicles


This company will work with you on complete ID Solutions (hardware, application, and implementation) or on an ad-hoc basis ought to you require to leverage their knowledge in the field or software's powerful information and document capabilities.

Sample Businesses that Age Verification machine Solutions:

•Auto Dealerships

•Clubs, Bars, Restaurants

•Health Clubs

•Retail Point of Sale Shops

•Automobile rentals

•Mortgage Brokers

•Pawn Shops

iPad driver license developed All-in-One Identification Verification, Access Control and Monitoring Solutions.The founders of ID Scan (Nautilus Ware) possess over a decade of expertise in the area of ID verification and access monitoring. Their seasoned professionalscan custom tailor an identification solution to meet any business specific requirements as well as budget.

Contact them to find out the way you might benefit from Drivers License or other ID Scanning Solutions. Or try VeriAge and VeriScan Products for FREE.

The first consultation is always free. Call or e-mail for your free, no-obligation one-on-one with of their specialists today


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