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7” Computer: Eye attention of customers & vital usage

by wolvol

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The use of a 7" computer appeals to individuals who want a device that is versatile yet very compact. With some models being less than an inch thick and weighing slightly over a pound only, the portability is definitely one of the most noteworthy features around. While it has some definite advantages over larger counterparts like laptops or desktops, there are also a few limitations to the use of such kind of device.

Also referred to as a netbook, a 7" computer comes integrated with its own touchpad and keyboard for input. Because of the device's small size, a user with large hands may not find it comfortable to use the keyboard. Fortunately, an external standard-size one may be plugged into it, as well as a mouse.

Usually, a 7" computer already features an in-built webcam that allows for video calling over the internet. This device is primary geared towards consumers who like to be able to go online easily without the use of anything that's hard to carry around. Needless to say, the 7" computer is capable of accessing the web, either through the use of the available LAN 10/100 Base-TX module or wirelessly by means of Wi-Fi.

Because of the portability, users may easily take along a 7" computer to view web pages, log on to social networking sites, send or receive e-mails, stream multimedia content and do many other tasks. Just like a laptop, a netbook comes with a battery pack that can power up the device for a few hours when charged.

The 7" computer is not just good for logging online. It is also designed for creating or editing basic documents, spreadsheets and even presentations. For such reason, the device comes in handy for business people who do a lot of traveling but prefer to pack lightly. Capable of internet access, having a 7" computer around allows for the use of various web-based programs, video conferencing and carrying out of many other online tasks that make it possible for an individual to work while outside the office.

Other than for business, many rely on the 7" computer for pleasure. While on the go, a netbook's portability allows the user to enjoy photos, music, videos, e-books and other files deemed essential. Such kind of device may be easily carried around, and used trouble-free while inside a car or a plane.

As earlier mentioned, the use of a 7" computer involves certain limitations. Relying on a processor that isn't as powerful as the kind a larger laptop or desktop counterpart uses, multitasking with it can easily leave the system crippled. The same can be said when attempting to perform tasks such as playing graphics-intensive games, or editing of videos or very high-resolution image files. The small screen size and keyboard may make working with a 7" computer for hours uncomfortable to the eyes and hands.

Certain peripherals may be plugged into a 7" computer to increase the versatility. Some of them include an external hard drive, a secondary monitor, and a CD/DVD reader or burner. Models that are better performers are also around, although enhanced specifications can easily cause the price tag to skyrocket.

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