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Root Canal Treatment – Save Your Natural Tooth

by randyshames23

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The healthy and natural teeth are meant to last for a long time. For many years, the unhealthy and diseased teeth are removed to avoid oral infections and pain. However, these days you can save your diseased tooth by root canal therapy.

Root canal is one the complex dental procedures and if left untreated, it can create serious health issues. The process is done by replacing the infected pulp with filling. It can help save your tooth, which in other case needs to be removed. The patients need root canal treatment when they have deep cavity, broken or cracked tooth and recurring dental procedures for the same tooth.

Many patients come with the symptoms like intense pain, swelling and blisters in tooth area. In such scenarios, the dentist removes the diseased pulp and cleans the pulp area and root canal of the tooth. If the pulp is not removed, then it may cause intense pain and swelling leading to tooth removal. If untreated its probable that certain infections can occur causing damage to the tooth roots and bone area. In such cases, the tooth loses its grip and must need to be taken out.

There are many reasons, why root canal treatment is so popular. If you lose your natural tooth, it may cause other tooth to change their normal positions. This causes the teeth to become uneven and eating can be much difficult. You also have difficulty in cleaning teeth and thus you become vulnerable to develop further infections. As far as cost is concerned, root canal treatment cost is less as compared to other treatments like replacement tooth.

With proper protection and care, the root canal tooth can even last for a lifetime. But, you need to follow the dentist prescriptions and precautionary measures. A common perception about root canal treatment is that it’s a complex process. However, it’s more like a simple procedure and can be completed in one to three visits. After the treatment, the dentist also makes sure to restore the tooth in healthy shape so that it is able to stand the test of time. This process can be completed by simple restoration, however if it’s not possible then crown can be placed on the tooth. The placement of crown is done in those cases, when the tooth has lost its shape and structure because of cavity and decay.

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