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Bouncing ball tribometer

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Bouncing ball tribometer

What is a bouncing ball tribometer? presents to you a brief explanation on bouncing ball tribometers.

Tribometer has found to be majorly used in the manufacturing sector. It is used to measure tribological quantities in products. Here we discuss about the functionality of the tribometer and also reveal the different types of tribometers available that suit your needs.

A tribometer instrument is used by experts in the field of manufacturing industries and other sectors to measure tribological quantities in their machines. This includes things that test the force of friction, constant friction and the wear volume found between two different surfaces.

The Bouncing ball tribometer, like it’s name is made from a ball that is impacted against the surface in a specific angle. In the usual testing, the ball will slide at an angle across a

specially built track before impacting and bouncing off the targeted surface. The resulting  friction caused when the ball makes contact with the surface will result in a rotating force on the ball and a simultaneous horizontal force on the targeted surface.

One of the places where a bouncing ball device is used  is a place where it is needed to determine how lubricants react under extremely high pressure, like ball bearings or gears.

Tribometers help us to determine the level of wear and friction when two different surfaces come into contact with each other. For example, one particular measurement method can be involved in the use of a spherical or flat device that is positioned on the test sample with a precise weight. This test sample could either return or spin in a linear track. The measurement between the sample and the device and their frictional forces will be taken into account during their testing. In addition to this, a calculation on the volume of material lost during the testing to determine the wear for the specific device and the sample will be done.
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