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The Generation Who Does Not Care

by jonesmichelle08

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There are a lot of controversial issues out there, probably more than we dare think about. The thing is are we open enough to be informed or be educated about topics such as abortion Virginia, politics, religion, media culture, and even pop culture? I have a feeling other people (mostly teenagers) are not even aware that there is a pop and media culture going on in the planet they are living in. It is not that they do not have television or Internet. They are ignorant to such pressing issues because they choose to be. If they chose to be involved, all they have to do is surf the Internet. We all know everything is archived there.

However, the majority, particularly the youth, choose to focus their attention and concern on the most trivial of matters--celebrities, social networking sites, Justine Bieber. If everybody will just be involved with important issues like abortion Virginia or the poverty in Africa, the world might have been a better place. Unfortunately, that is just not the way of the world. One has to be popular first. One has to reach the top of the charts or win an award before people start to see its significance.

Is it not that kind of sad? To think that the likes of abortion Virginia need more concern than we are willing to give. We should feel bad. Instead, most of us just lie in their beds, watching movies on Netflix or laughing at pictures of cats on 9gag. They would not even take a second look at this article. That is how apathetic the world is to the major concerns our society face. Caring is an option they are only willing to give to wiggly dogs or cute cats. Anything with deeper meaning means nothing to them.

If only we can catch even a small percent of this unaffected majority. If only the ones we reach listen with all of their consciousness and not just pass the thought from one ear to the next, pushing it back to the farthest corners of their minds. That is not supposed to be the way. Once the message reach you, you must immediately discern the importance of that message and spread it to others. You are not supposed to just shrug abortion Virginia off. That is an issue worth discussing by the youth because they are the ones who are most affected by it.

I am not saying that such issues as abortion Virginia and politics in the United States and the fast spreading cult of media and pop culture should be the highest priority of everybody. All I am asking is that each one give even just a small percent of their time every day or even every week (if you really can’t help it, once every month or thrice a year). The thing is you are giving a portion of your care and attention. These issues need more ears and open minds. Unfortunately, there are only a few willing to give it a chance. Hopefully, this will all change in the near future. Hopefully, all of us will eventually care.

Michelle Jones is the author of this article on abortion. Know more about abortion Virginia here.

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