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Picking a Color for Philadelphia Drapery as Easy as A-B-C

by roxietenner

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Adhering to a color palette is essential when one's enhancing a living-room. Utilizing a single color makes a room appear dull; utilizing way too many, however, makes the walls look littered. A deep red scatter rug would go well with a black leather sofa, but probably not with mustard-colored chairs.

Of all the design aspects in the living-room, draperies are among the most disregarded. Philadelphia drapery makers understand exactly how typically they are lowered to an afterthought in the decorating procedure. However, they're also aware that selecting the right draperies can spell the distinction between "design work of art" and "straight-out disaster."

When choosing a drape color, you can choose one that matches the walls or one that offers contrast. Generally, a contrasting color will draw attention to the location where the two colors are introduced. This option is perfect if your living-room is huge and needs a focal point, or if you have gorgeous window frames. A single color for both your walls and draperies, likewise, will pull a space together. Go with this option if you have little windows separating a wall, or if you want your living-room to feel less littered.

Matching wall and drapery colors are also a great concept if your living-room has amazing art pieces or furnishing that you want to highlight. Do not choose precisely similar tones, however, as that would make the living-room too bland. Keep your wall and drapery colors two to three shades apart as a substitute.

You can further shake things up by choosing a textured drape. The difference in the way light bounces off the two surfaces provides a lot of visual interest without "cutting up" the area. Remember to think about the furnishings in the space as well. If the major furniture pieces are all a solitary color, then that color is already a dominant attribute in the room and you must avoid getting the exact same color for your drapes. Try matching your drapes with the color of your sofa pillows and area rugs in its place.

Color is a key element in decorating your living space. Seek advice from Philadelphia drapery specialists so you can incorporate the right design in your space. For living space embellishing ideas, check out


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