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Use Quality Article Writing to Keep Up with Algorithm Change

by jonathangordon

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You may have heard words, such as “Panda” and “Penguin,” but do you know what they really mean? These are the names given to search engine algorithms Google has put into place in the past in an attempt to weed out weaker websites and bring better websites up in the rankings. These algorithms are exactly what you need to use in your SEO article writing and web content writing if you want your website to be successful.

Original and Relevant

When you think of quality article writing in the past, one of the first things that comes to mind is keywords. The keywords are still relevant and necessary for ranking in the search engines, but your main focus needs to be somewhere else as well. You need to make sure your web content writing is completely original and relevant to what your website has to offer. When Internet users search for a specific word or word phrase, they want to find informative content they can’t find anywhere else.

Give Credit

Quality article writing requires you to authenticate the work to let readers know the work belongs to someone. Even if you hire services to write the content for you, it is important to link all your articles to an author. When people are able to make a connection between a person and what they read, it gives the SEO article writing more credibility.

Clear Links

Another important element of keeping up with the search engine algorithm changes is making sure your links are clear and operational. When you are completing your SEO article writing and web content writing, it is critical to choose other websites that are relevant to yours but not in direct competition. This will help build up the credibility of your website and improve your rankings. Internal linking is also critical to help guide the spiders through your own website to increase the odds of multiples SERPs for the same keyword.

Local Promotion

It may sound like common sense, but many businesses seem to focus more on the global reach of their business once they launch a website. However, there are many people who still seek out local businesses because they prefer to support the local economy or they want to visit a physical store. Other industries simply lend themselves better to local traffic, such as certain services. Therefore, you can make the most of the search engine algorithms by adding a local keyword to your SEO article writing and web content writing.

If you want your website to survive the search engine algorithm changes, it is critical for you to stay on top of those changes and conduct your SEO article writing and web content writing in the proper methods. With the right quality article writing, you can strive to create relevant, original content that gains credibility through authorship and linking, as well as a local spin, to help you rank better with the search engines.


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