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Hit the streets and enjoy some of London’s hidden jewels

by randy634

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If you are one of the many millions who travel to London this year to experience one of the most colourful cities on the planet, then there are a few things you really must do before you leave. There are the usual tourist items, such as The London Eye, Big Ben and photos outside of Buckingham Palace, but London offers more than just get scenery. If you do your research before you arrive then you will know the exact places you need to be, and the best times to experience them. A good tip is to write a checklist of the few things that you really must do and cross them off as you go. To help you out we will list a few must do things that need to be on your list.


  1. 1.     Dennis Severs House. This home in Spitalfields is more than just a house. This is a uniquely immersive way to take a look at a snapshot of time, so realistic that it often feels like you have just entered a room only minutes after the inhabitants walked out. Dennis Severs house is secreted away in the middle of the city, and houses rooms decked out in only the finest Georgian and Victorian decor. If you are travelling alone and want to experience this with a companion, then London escorts are the perfect date. These girls love seeing London through your eyes, and are more than happy to accompany you through all the rooms that this home has on offer.


  1. 2.     Nothing is more English that stopping for Afternoon Tea. No matter where in the city you find yourself, by this time of day you will be more than likely a little tired of all the sightseeing, shopping and general wandering that you will have no doubt been doing. Pretty much every London hotel has its own version of afternoon tea, so whether you are staying at a lovely hotel in town, or you are meeting up with London escorts at one of the luxurious hotels in town, why not stop, have a cup of tea and enjoy a Battenberg for a while?


  1. 3.     London has many a hidden waterway under the city, so what better way to get to know London intimately than with a hidden waterways tour? Here you not only get to know where some of London most famous places derive their names, but you will also get to see the city in a brand new light, and one that many people don’t get to see.

London has so much to offer, a lot more than the usual tourist fare, and if you take a tour with London escorts then you will find that London is as intriguing and exciting as you hoped.


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