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Natural baby products help to keep baby's skin gentle and so

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Bamboo has plenty of benefits over cotton and hence is an excellent organic choice. Bamboo is softer and has a texture similar to silk. This breathable fabric keeps your little one's skin comfy and dry at all times. This is why bamboo towels for kids are simply the best buy. It is quick to absorb moisture and can dry faster than cotton clothes.

There are several environmental advantages of bamboo fabrics. Firstly, bamboo plants grow fast and there is no need of pesticides and fertilizers. These plants require little water and can survive every weather condition, including droughts and floods. This renewable resource releases a considerable amount of oxygen into the environment more than trees. This is why a wide range of nature baby care products in the market which includes bath robes, socks, t-shirts, scarves and more.

Baby diapers prevent leaks and keep your baby comfy the entire day. You might have to change about 8 to 12 diapers in a day. This increases the need for reliable diapers. Nature Baby Care diaper is soft and will fit perfectly. This natural diaper is 100% chlorine free and is made from compostable/renewable products. Organic products sure cost more but help to cut back on buildup of landfills.

Nature Care Baby wipes is 100% natural, chlorine free and compostable. Natural baby wipes are easy to carry around, easy to use and is gentle on the baby's skin. Wipes are based on new, green technology. Wet wipes are perfume and chlorine free with the outer film based in natural chalk. Iplay, display wipes tube is perfect if you're out on a journey with your little one. It fits into every type of diaper bag. Iplay wipes are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Iplay's products are BPA, PVC and Nitrosamine free.

Most shampoos contain harmful chemicals. Shampoo by GAIA is soap and sulphate free. This is a very mild gel that gently cleanses the scalp. This gel contains certified organic chamomile extract that leaves your little one's hair soft and shiny. Disposable washcloths are very useful if you're travelling. A little water or rain can unfold the mini shoo-foo washcloth into a 14 x 22 inches disposable washcloth. This is a great alternative to wet face wipes to wash hands, face and more. When the cloth starts tearing throw it away in the compost or simply recycle.

The best gift for a mom-to-be would be a gift basket with accessories for the new-born. You can add to this basket bay lotions, lip balm, bum balms among others.

Organically Hatched provides the best organic baby products. Natural baby wipes are chlorine, perfume free and gentle on the baby's skin.

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