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Selling companionship has only become unacceptable in modern

by jimmyjoel1975

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Everyone needs to socialise. It’s an instinctive human urge, one that is utterly essential to our wellbeing. The average man spends 10 hours a week with his friends, and many recommend that he should be trying to fit in even more. Those that spend time with others live longer, happier lives, if research is believed. So then, why does society play such a stigma on those that want to spend time with a cheap escort or two? Why has the monetisation of companionship become such a taboo area? In the past, it wasn’t an issue. Noblemen and women would often have a number of chevaliers and courtesans, designed to keep them company and provide a close circle of friendship in return for gain. They understood the importance that having a shoulder to cry on carried. They did not elevate things arbitrarily, decide that friendship was somehow a sacred value and therefore should not be sold for money. Yet that is exactly what happens today. People have no problem with selling their time by going into work each day, not the mass marketing of their imagination and their. They don’t care if others want to sell their bodies to science, or if they risk their lives in dangerous stunts. But the second, they make profit from their company, the knives come out. It’s hypocrisy at its nonsensical best. Discretion is the order of the day. That’s why so many men choose to hire a cheap escort from a reputable agency every time that they’re feeling lonely. They don’t talk about it, except with close friends, and even then the conversation is sheepish. It’s conducted in undertones, with shame permeating every syllable. That kind of environment is not good for a person to live in. It stifles and it destroys. If a man wants to be happy, then he has to ignore these odd little social pressures. After all, at this time of the year, with valentine’s fast approaching, it’s important to be happy. If taking a cheap escort to a nice restaurant for a night of wining and dining makes a man happy then why shouldn’t he? Is it better for him to sit alone and feel depressed? It is it better for him to give up on being happy and just wallow in a pit of despair. That’s what the media would have him do, throwing in pajamas, a duvet and tubs of ice cream for good measure. It’s time to get rid of this insane prejudice and let Valentine’s become a day of love and acceptance, not just a chance to sell overpriced chocolates.

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