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Easysol's software features

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Easysol Excelsior Softwares Pvt. Ltd. has created an unmatched reputation for itself, and has established itself as a trusted brand in the Pharmacy industry over a decade. With a strong and dedicated team comprising of highly competent professionals, Easysol provides software solutions and services to small and medium-sized companies spread across all geographical locations within India. Easysol have developed high-tech, cost efficient and easy to use POS solutions not only for various pharmaceutical companies but also for chemists, garment stores, departmental stores and other retail stores. Side by side Easysol ERP and Easysol trading software solutions have become two key products of this firm. The former deals with Inventory management, Purchase, Sales, Accounts, and Reports while the latter deals with the details of customers, Product, Vendor/Seller, Money flow & Accounting.

Here we are providing with the features of different software solutions developed by Easysol Excelsior Softwares Pvt. Ltd. for various categories of clients.

Easysol POS for chemists offers

. Complete analysis of incoming and outgoing stocks and makes sure that no product goes out of stock. Traces out expiry items and lock the sale of these items. Also ensures that slow-moving stock is kept at a minimum level.

. Cleverly manages time during customer transactions and works efficiently avoiding billing errors.

. Maintains multiple transactions with distributors as well as check on prices & scheme availability and slashes the effort drawn in maintaining paperwork for purchase transaction.

Easysol POS for departmental stores offers

. Complete Inventory & Accounting Management.

. Sales by customer type to improve customer service, run loyalty programs and targets promotional activities.

. Respond to all retailers’ multi-channel merchandising needs by saving time, increasing sales and margin while minimizing stocks.

. Easy & Fast Billing.

. Multi Discounts & Schemes.

. Set of Items (Selected Items Sales on Single Selection).

. MRP wise Stocks & Auto Rate Calculations.

. Make Smart Purchase & Reordering System.

. Control & Reduce Inventory Cost.

Easysol POS for garment stores offers

. Dynamic stock taking module by barcode scanning.

. Brand, categories, colors and size wise purchase entry.

. Periodical and occasional discounts on particular brands and categories and in combinations.

. Integrated financial accounting up to Balance Sheet.

. Gross Profit reports with various types of criteria and angles.

. Keep backups on week day’s bases.

Easysol POS for retail stores offers

. Multi Counter Billing.

. Fast Bill Printing.

. Automatic Sales TAX calculation.

. Automatically updates item and rate list according to companies change. Displays new received items, items with rate change and item in stock. Whenever you want you can view the full history of rate change of any item.

. Shows daily transaction report in a summarized manner like transaction type, number of transactions and number of items in those transactions. You can select any transaction list to view detailed reports.

. Barcode code generation and searching.

. EasySol provides you a powerful SMS sending module. You can send individual SMS to your customers, suppliers and to your friends and relatives stored in your personal directory. You can also send bulk SMS to all or selected persons. At any time you can view the history of SMS send to any particular person or to all and can also select the text of previous SMS for resending. You can also store standard SMS text for future reference.

. Show supplier’s due list management and bill wise payment module.

. Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet.

Easysol Pharma for distributors offers

. Sharing of inventory management information with other applications.

. Increases convenience with online catalogs, online ordering and order tracking.

. View bill wise and item wise Gross Profit while generating invoice.

. Displays change in rates and discounts in different colors.

. Easy and accurate option for segregating expired items from your store and disbursement to respective suppliers.

. Quickly searches expiring items and then transfers to respective suppliers.

Easysol Pharma for manufactures offers

. Warehouse management.

. Keep backups and restores data efficiently.

. Complete Inventory Management.

. Maintains quick and easy transactions.

With over 3000 satisfied customers, Easysol offers you a tension free business in the long run. Some reputed companies like Apollo pharmacy, Gyans 1987, Topshop Delhi etc. are happily using Easysol’s softwares for years. Individuals and pharmaceutical companies who are in search of good pharma softwares, going through their website at: will be very much beneficial.

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Mohan Nailwal is having 22 years of experience in It services and his product EasySol pharma India’s one of the Top pharma software. For more information please logon

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