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Sales Force Automation

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Sales Force Automation is an essential component of any CRM product. Irrespective of how well a company performs or how successful a sales team is at generating revenue for the company, there will always be room for improvement. There is always a scope for the sales department to boost its efficiency, as a way to exemplify its sales tactics and abilities. In such context, the Sales Force Automation Solutions act as perfect aids in achieving better results and better efficiency.

What exactly is Sales Force Automation?

As the name suggests, it is a software program that automates business tasks associated with sales, such as inventory control, sales processing, customer interactions tracking, analyzing sales forecasts and performance etc. Businesses can decide whether to opt for a customized version of SFA or to buy from the broad SFA products that are available in the market. In either case, the business first has to identify its own Sales Force Automation needs and must have an action plan in place to use the SFA most effectively, before they opt for any Sales Force Automation Solution.

Advantages of Opting for Sales Force Automation

Any kind of automation, generally adds some level of efficiency into the process.Sales Force Automation in particular, provides several advantages to an organization opting for it. Some of the major advantages that an organization can get by opting for SFA include:

SFA Saves Time & Money

Opting for a pre-built or customized version of SFA is both economical and simple, as compared to building one’s own corporate version of Sales Force Automation.

SFA Makes Way to Concentrate More on the Business

Opting for SFA decreases total ownership cost, reduces risk, and limits time wastage. With this one can concentrate more on business and management, instead of technology. Contract management comes with SFA

SFA is Easy To Use

SFA modules are generally easy to use and are intuitive in nature. The job of professional sales representatives is made easy, by providing them quick access to data, links to tools like Microsoft Outlook and Office.

Real-Time Analytics & Reports

SFA provides comprehensive analytics and allows tracking ROI on marketing campaigns, traffic levels, content effectiveness, lead conversion ratios etc. This helps the organization to evaluate and analyze its own performance and plan for better

SFA is Customizable

The SFA modules are completely customizable, as per the needs and requirements of the business. Many providers, like, offer to work with the clients, to provide the unique application that meet the specific requirements.

Averiware’s SFA Solution

Averiware - The Leader in Small Business ERP Solutions, offers a unique Sales Force Automation Solution. This solution helps boost profit margins by optimized sales automation and enhanced customer interactions. This module manages sales opportunity, customer data, order details and inventory availability as and when needed. As a result, the sales force of the organization will be able to prospect more efficiently, process orders quickly, reduce operating costs and provide excellent customer services.

Some of the salient features of Averiware’s SFA module include Opportunity management, Forecast and Sales Plan, Account and contact management with seamless integration with Customer Care, Integrated Calendar and Scheduler, Mass e-mail and fax capability for campaigns and promotions, multiple price lists capability etc. Visit Averiware to know more.


Averiware Inc. is an innovative software development company providing comprehensive Business Management Solutions for small and mid-sized Businesses, including CRM, Sale Force Automation, Human Resourcesetc., With operations spread over USA, Canada, Europe, South East Asia and Australia, Averiware strives to change the way every business works, making them more efficient and meritocratic.

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