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Finding Your Product More Exposure by Encoding Your Product

by jamieviggiano

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Pushing your products into the consumer market has never been more convenient with the rise of internet marketing. To connect your company to your prospective clients, locally and around the world, you can easily use the World Wide Web as a portal. All you should know, many thanks to recent ingenious search systems is how to put your product data or data feed to Google and many other search engines or shopping websites.

You can upload your product data using a spreadsheet program with your data feed in XML format or delimited text (.txt). You can work with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to obtain these formats. In one header row, put in the required data in lowercase and one per cell beginning in the top row of the spreadsheet.

The data attributes are: id—a unique alphanumeric identifier for each product; title—product name; link— a full link that traces back to the product in your website including the characters http:// like in; condition—most search engines only allow the values new, pre-owned, or reconditioned, price—the updated retail price of each and every product (changeable prices are not allowed by Google; must be fixed); Description—product description not going over 10,000 characters (free from marketing text).

You may input any recommended attributes too. These attributes don't need to be in order. A number of these attributes include things like MPIN, GTIN, image link, manufacturer, expiration date, product review count, genre, availability, color, size, year, shipping weight, brand, and many others that you can research on. Make certain that you only select the advised attributes appropriate for your product.

Complete the required spaces for the attributes. Keep in mind that when you save your file in (.txt) format, you lose editing functions, so verify your entries as much times as you can. Save your file as (.txt), and enter a file name before it. Your filename must be the one that you utilize when you register for data feed.

You can browse the web for firms that can assist you through the registration process all throughout the creation of your product feed to Bing, yahoo, Google, or whichever search engine you're working with. Bear in mind that accuracy matters when writing your product's data. For even more info on data feed creation, browse through

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