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Reasons to use e-cigarette

by liyo89

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One of the most popular types of cigarette is e-cigarette or we can say electronic cigarettes (zigaretten elektronisch). Ever since e-cigarette introduced in the market it excites every smoker. As smokers are getting bored by smoking traditional cigarettes i.e. cigarettes carrying filter and requires matchbox or lighter, this type of cigarette presents something unique to them. Moreover, there are plenty of smokers reluctant to use e cigarettes as they thought that it may not present the same pleasure as presented by traditional cigarette. Though it is just their perception and truth is far more different than this. In fact, e-cigarettes are far more superior to the traditional one. If you don’t believe on it, then read the consecutive paragraphs.


Electric cigarettes (elektrischen zigaretten) are the best way to enjoy smoking without in taking harmful chemicals. When you smoke the traditional cigarette you tend to take many intoxicating substance just for the sake of tobacco taste. These substances have harmful effects on the body and excessive intake of it may leads to cancer. E-cigarettes does not contain these substance while it has tobacco flavor, so you don’t have to in take the harmful ingredients for the tobacco taste.


Smoking is an unlawful activity in the public places and hence if you are at public place, then you have to suppress the desire to smoke. While having e-cigarette you can afford to smoke at public places as it is not under ban. This is so because e –cigarette is smokeless (rauchfrei) cigarette and hence it does not affect the health of others (this happens in case of traditional cigarette). Moreover, it does not pollute the environments, so you can smoke it in public places as well as in your office.


Traditional cigarette leaves bad odor in mouth and if you are going for a crucial meeting or on a date, it is not advisable for you to smoke before it. This issue is also fixed by the electronic cigarettes, so you don’t have to restrict yourself from smoking before such events. Moreover, there are many other advantages associated with it but for a smoker point of view these are the main advantages. Smoking e-cigarette is an effective way of smoking and hence rather than maintaining the distance you must have to try it once.





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