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What is the benefit of Frontline plus for dogs 0-22 lbs.

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What is the benefit of Frontline plus for dogs 0-22 lbs.


I cannot believe that Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22 lbs. Is such a miracle product unless I applied it on my dear pooch. Last Sunday we went to the beach for the outing and my doggy was more excited than I was. It was running everywhere; playing in the water, hiding in bushes. We returned the next day and the behavior of my pet changed all of a sudden; it was busy grooming it all day.




 I was confused as to what happened to it all of a sudden. It was licking and chewing its body quite often. I was little worried and I decided to have a look at its fur. I took it in my lap and parted its fur; to my horror, there were fleas and tiny ticks moving all over its skin. I was feeling terrible and did not know what to do; I immediately gave it a bath with hot soapy water. I used my herbal shampoo as I did not want to harm its skin, after that I took it to the vet. He suggested me to use Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22 lbson my pet. I took his suggestion and was amazed to see the results.


  Amazing results of Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22 lbs.

  • My pet stopped scratching within 24 hours after applying the medication.
  • I used a veterinary cone so that it does not lick its body. I parted its fur to check out fleas and ticks and to my delight; there were no ticks and fleas.
  • I combed my dog and dead fleas and ticks were stuck in the comb.

My pooch was happy and free from these tiny pests. I was much relieved; thanks to Frontline Plus for dogs 0-22 lbs., it is truly an ideal product to kill these tiny pests.

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