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Black and Grey Tattoo,artist, designer, tattoo studio

by bpoison

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Black-and-gray is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in varying shades. Typically, black and gray tattoo work consists in using different shades of black. By diluting the black ink with distilled water in various proportions, creating a "wash", lighter shades can be produced. Although this is the popular method, some artists mix white ink with black, but it is not the traditional method.

Other things that need to be kept in mind are needle depth and speed. For a lighter shade, hand speed can be increased. After a tattoo has been completed with varying degrees of black, highlights are often added using white. White ink can also be used to smooth out sharp transitions between the different shades.

Black and grey tattoos are generally believed to have originated within prison systems, where inmates had no access to colored ink. They perfected a single-needle tattoo machine to produce highly realistic shading in their tattoo designs. This technique works well for portraiture.

Tattoo Aftercare:

How you care for your new artwork depends on the type and extent of work done. Your tattoo artist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for the tattoo. In general, the tattoo aftercare instructions given to you by your tattoo artist should be followed for the best results. Different types of tattooing techniques and inks respond uniquely during the healing process, so rely on the artist's experience when it comes to healing your tattoo. If you have never had a tattoo before, this basic tattoo aftercare guide gives you an idea of what to expect.

1. When you remove the bandage, After 2-3 hours of getting your tattoo dressed, remove the protective dressing.

2. Gently wash tattoo with lukewarm water and an anti-bacterial soap. Pat dry and apply a thin layer of any antibiotic cream like Calendula. Avoid ointment that contains pain relief. 3. Do not touch or let others touch your new tattoo unless their hands are freshly washed thoroughly.

4. Do not Re-bandage your tattoo.

5. Don't let the tattoo for 2 weeks. While bathing, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly like Vaseline over it, to avoid water seeping into the tattoo.

6. Wear loose clothes, as the tattoo needs to breathe.

7. Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight.

8. Keep tattoo out of chlorinated water (pools/hot tubs), salt water (ocean).

9. after 4-5 days a light crust (scab) will form. Do not pick or scratch it.

10. Continue to use the antibiotic cream for no more than 3-4 days. After this, switch to a skin moisturizer.

11. Your tattoo should be completely healed within 10-14 days. to keep your tattoo looking good it is recommended to use a good sun block, to protect your tattoo from harmful UV rays.

12. after the scabs fall off, it is followed by a thin white flaky coat, which would take about another 3-4 days to heal. During this period the tattoo will tend to look really pale and dry. Don't pick on it. Apply a moisturizer as instructed.

13. With proper care and precautions, you would definitely end up having a clear and crisp tattoo.

14. Do not let unqualified people tell you what to do, if you have a question, refer to the care instructions that came with your tattoo, or contact your tattoo artist.

Please keep in mind that there truly is no one single correct way to do anything, let alone healing a tattoo. Listen to your artist and use your common sense. You know your body better than anyone else, but pay attention to what experience is trying to tell you. For more details visit us at:

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