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Knowing The Facts About High Blood Pressure

by myhealthy

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Have you ever wondered what happened on every beat of our heart. With each beat, our heart pumps blood, which carries oxygen and other nutrients to different parts of the body. The pumping of the heart creates pressure waves which help in pushing blood through the arteries. Arteries are those blood vessels which carry blood away from your heart. The blood pressure is this force of pressure waves in the arteries. The pressure in the arteries depends upon the amount of blood flow i.e. the speed and strength of the blood flow and the resistance of this blood through the arteries.

The top point of this pressure wave is known as systolic blood pressure while the bottom point is termed as diastolic pressure. Generally, there are some normal changes in the blood pressure throughout the day owing to our physical and emotional activities. The lowest is when we are resting. These small changes in a day are completely normal, however, when these changes become quite high and persistent then the person becomes a victim of hypertension. When this blood flow and the resistance becomes high, it leads to high blood pressure.

Hypertension is a quite common problem these days which can occur to an individual of any age. The probability of the disease increases as we get older or when our parents also suffer from high BP. Controlling high blood pressure is very essential as constantly elevated pressure of blood can lead to the damage of blood vessels and other vital organs. With this damage, a person can suffer from stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, dementia, erectile dysfunction, etc. If one identifies the high blood pressure before any major damage, the risk of developing above lethal problems can be mitigated.

Some tips for controlling high blood pressure:

Eating a better diet is the key- this may include increasing fruits and vegetable consumption, reducing salt intake, taking some vital supplements for high BP.

Enjoying regular physical activity- though the fast and busy life do not allow you to be involved in regular physical exercise. However, to be healthy, you need to develop this habit. A 30 minute exercise is highly advisable for a BP patient.

Maintain a healthy weight: those who do not have BP can develop high probability if their basal metabolic rate does not lie within normal levels. So, if you are feeling that you are crossing your limits, beware of it and start working on your extra fats from today only.

Manage stress: stress leads to a variety of health problems and hypertension is one of them. A healthy and happy lifestyle with cool mind will keep your heart healthy.

Checking your smoking and alcohol intake: these two bad habits cause negative impact on your health, so, try to curb them as much as possible.

Last but not the least, being informed is very essential. Studies revealed that about 20% of people are unaware of this health problem and its side effects. In addition to this, the absence of any symptoms further make it a silent killer. Therefore, go for regular heart check up and take prescriptions regularly.

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