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Backup File Corrupt: due to ASR Restore Procedure Failure

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Microsoft has always striven to satisfy its customers with innovative and user friendly technology. In tune with same, Window XP and Microsoft Windows adheres a feature called Automated System Recovery(ASR) that can be used to simplify recovery of computer's systems. ASR is an expended version of restore tool in window XP, which backs up data required for restoring the system configuration, not user-contributed data or files. While dealing with ASR user must ensure that boot volumes or system don't occupy backup files. Ignorance this can cause serious consequences and corruption in backup files. In such situations, when there is no option left except using a third party BKF repair tool.

To illustrate the above, let's take a scenario wherein you create a BKF file while executing ASR procedure to store all essential data for further restoration requirements. You select the primary drive C, as destination drive to store backup file.

After this, due to any malfunction or file deletion event,  you run ASR restore procedure in order to restore the data from BKF file. But you receive an error message that backup file is corrupt and process can't be proceeded.

Windows backup file itself is corrupted. As discussed above, this unexpected event occurs because, you chose boot volumes or system for backup file, which was partitioned during ASR procedure. Repartitioning the system and boot volume results in backup file corruption which ultimately results in failure of ASR restore procedure.

Not to let this situation occur, BKF file should not be stored on a system or boot drive before running ASR restore procedure.

To extract data from a corrupt BKF file, you can use third party BKF repair tool which is created by Window backup utility to restore the contents at user-specified location. This Ms backup repair doesn't require high sounded technical knowledge.

Stellar BKF Repair is one of the most efficient utility designed to repair corrupt BKF file and restore their data at user-specified location. This BKF Repair Tool ensures integrity of the original file and supports backup files created with Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 backup utilities and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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