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Tips on Preparing Kids for Their Visits to Portland Pediatri

by chalicelindgren

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Portland generally experiences mild winters, yet the possibility of snowfall and occasional ice storms can’t entirely be discounted. These phenomena can be disastrous to health, especially for children with cold and flu symptoms. Before taking your child to any of the trusted pediatricians in Portland, you might want to take note of these tips.


Explain why a visit to the doctor is necessary.


If your kid is sneezing and coughing a lot, tell him that he needs to see the doctor right away. Gently assure him that with the doctor’s help, he can achieve relief in no time. Tell him that a doctor can also create a plan that can help prevent him from getting colds or cough in the future.


Prepare a list of questions.


You may have thought about rubbing some medicated ointment onto your little boy’s chest to alleviate his discomfort. Yet drug safety concerns somehow held you back from doing so. For your peace of mind, make a list of questions regarding certain over-the-counter medications and bring this with you on your visit.


Don't punish your child for acting up.


Even though you’ve been to several pediatric visits when your child was an infant, a doctor's visit may still feel like a new experience for your kid. He may simply be fearful of meeting an unfamiliar person, so be patient and assure your child that the doctor is his friend. If he does throw a tantrum, don't be too harsh and make him give up his favorite toy; be more understanding and seek to comfort and reason with your child instead.


Let your child do the talking.


Once you're at the doctor's office, encourage your child to answer the questions asked of him. Guide him if there are terms he doesn't know, such as what constitutes a fever when you take his temperature. Carefully listen to the conversation and feel free to inject details that the doctor may find important, like trouble sleeping during nap time or loss of appetite.


Follow the doctor's orders.


Portland pediatricians want only the best for your child, and even though you may not agree with their treatment plan, it's best to follow their instructions to detail. Medications must also be administered according to schedule. For more tips, visit

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