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From Roman occupation to the hip 80’s music scene, London ha

by chrisjoseph582

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One of the things that London does better than anywhere else in the world is embrace its illustrious history. From its early beginnings as a Roman city, through to the World War action it saw, leaps in science and the varying different celebrities and fashions it has seen in its years, London has managed to be a city of the future as well as the perfect place to display its past. Whether you are a bit if a history buff, interested in a certain facet of London lifestyle and history, or are just visiting and wanting to see what London has on offer, this is a city that will not only be entirely memorable, but also a place where you can have a little fun with female escorts at the same time as experiencing all it has to offer.


If you have always been interested in entertainment and the music scene perhaps then female escorts and London go hand in hand. You can hit all the retro clubs that were banging in the 80’s or you can hit some historical spots and see where bands like the Culture Club started out. You can enjoy Beatles tours of the city, stopping by all the places the Beatles hung out, recorded or sought inspiration. There are places where you can even see impersonators just so you can have a little fun with it all and you can treat your date for the night to a little of what you are passionate about.


There is architecture around the city to be enthusiastic about, there are parks and green spaces laid out and maintained by historical figures, you can hit up the museums in the city or attend an art history class. London of today is about celebrating its past and its future, and you can do both when you are here in the city. Female escorts who are native to London are also a great source of knowledge when it comes to some of the best places to visit and some of the more interesting places that tourists seem to bypass. If this is your first foray into London then an escort from around these parts is not only the perfect companion, but also the perfect tour guide. She can show you the real London, the real places that were infamous in the 70’s for celebrity parties, the real behind the scenes of some of the more beautiful parks in the city. She can show you remnants from a time gone by, and you can then in turn head home with knowledge of history of this fine city that you can’t Wikipedia.


London has so much on offer; you just have to know where to look for it.


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Chris Joseph is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites, covering a wide range of topics on London Call Girls. When he is not hard at work, Chris enjoys reading a good novel and scouring the capital in search of a decent cup of coffee. Read more about Blonde Escorts In London.

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