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Maximizing Feed Management to Boost Your Online Visibility

by jamieviggiano

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Around 75 percent of Americans now have Web access, based upon data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau. Hence, brick-and-mortar store owners will certainly have far better chances of gaining customers if they welcome e-commerce technology. Offering products on the internet is just the initial step, though.

Merchants who want to capitalize on their e-commerce websites ought to also take advantage of internet marketing. On the other hand, whenever the subject of web marketing is brought up, the first idea that generally comes to mind is search engine optimization or SEO. While SEO is essential for online rankings, other strategies can also enhance a business' online presence—like effective feed management, for instance.

Feed management bears specific similarities to SEO. But while SEO's primary objective is to acquire high rankings in search engine results pages, feed management concentrates mainly on increasing exposure for shopping results in comparison shopping engines, through the process referred to as data feed optimization or DFO. Google Product Search, Yahoo Shopping,, and Shopzilla are just a few examples of these comparison shopping engines.

Once DFO is in place, a retailer of faux fur winter boots, for instance, can look forward to see enhanced traffic to his e-commerce site. This can occur when an online user who's intending to buy faux fur winter boots via the Web searches for offered products online. The usual case is that the user will go to the Google search engine and enter "faux fur winter boots"; subsequently, websites or web pages will appear on her computer screen.a

However, clicking from one website to another can be time-consuming; so alternatively, the shopper might go to Google Product Search. Right here, pictures of faux fur winter boots are shown, along with product prices and vendor information. From there, she can easily click any image that catches her attention. Besides information about the product on the right-hand page of the screen, she will also discover links that will lead her to the online shop where she can order right away.

With efficient shopping feed management available, prospective purchasers can see product specifics in a more organized way, where prices are displayed upfront. Through this, they can make better purchasing decisions. To find out more, visit

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