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Steri Shoe India

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SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe Sanitizer is the first product that securely and competently sanitizes the interior of shoes by utilizing germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) light.
How the SteriShoe® sanitizer works:

The innovative SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer kills the germs that reside interior shoes with aexceptional germicidal ultraviolet lightweight (UVC). With the first remedy, a of the microorganisms in footwear, encompassing the pathogens SteriShoe® Sanitizer decimates up to 99.9% and fungi that cause toenail fungus (onychomycosis), athlete's base (tinea pedis) andattack base odor. SteriShoe® is also an excellent choice for those with diabetes or usuallyconcerned about their feet's hygiene.



Best Quality Steri Shoe From India


General Use directions

1. close the AC power provide into a benchmark partition outlet (AC 100-240V).
2. Plug one power cord into each SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer. 
3. inject the right SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer into a right footwear and the left SteriShoe® footwearsanitizer into a left footwear.
4. Place each sanitizer and shoe into the supplied SteriShoe® labelled shoe bag.
5. Close each shoe bag drawstring.
6. Press each on/off button to start healing your footwear.
7. If the on/off button is glowing solid purple, the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer is treating thefootwear and will turn off after roughly 45 minutes. DO NOT eliminate the shoe bag while the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer is treating a footwear.
8. one time the treatment process is entire, the on/off lightweightweightweight will no longer belit up and it will be protected to eliminate the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer from a footwear. If you need to eliminate a SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer from a footwear when it is treating afootwear, press the on/off button to turn it off. If the on/off button is not solidly illuminated, then it is safe to eliminate the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer as it will not cut off a treatment.



Hazard - To reduce the risk of electrocution:

■ Habitually unplug the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer directly after utilising.
■ Do not use while bathing.
■ Do not location or shop the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer where it can drop or be dragged into a tub or sink.
■ Do not place in or fall into water or other fluid.
■ Do not reach for a SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer that has dropped into water. Unplug immediately.

WARNING - To reduce the risk of burns, electrocution, fire, or wound to individuals.

■ The SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer should never be left unattended when plugged in.
■ Close supervision is necessary when the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer is being used by, on, orbeside young kids or invalids.
■ Use the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer only for its proposed use as recounted in this manual. Do not use additions not suggested by the constructor.
■ never function the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer if it has a damaged cord or close, if it is notemployed correctly, if it has been fallen or impaired, or fallen into water.
■ Keep the cord away from warmed surfaces.
■ not ever fall or inject any objects into any opening.
■ do not gaze at the light when it is on.
■ do not use the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer out-of-doors a footwear.
■ heal the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer mindfully. You are putting a fragile light into a footwear. 
■ If the on/off lightweightweight is blinking, examine the light to be certain that it is not broken. If the light is broken, do not put your base into the footwear until you have taken all of the pieces of the broken lamp.


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There are security characteristics in the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer to avert a client from being exposed to the UV light. If the on/off button is blinking, one of the safety characteristics hasexpected been triggered. The mistake chart is listed underneath.

Error and Remedy

1. The ambient lightweight sensor has detected lightweight. Be sure that the SteriShoe® footwearsanitizer is interior a footwear. If the footwear is a sandal or open footwear, be sure to locationthe SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer and footwear interior the supplied shoe bags. If the mistake is still present, try pushing down on the tongue of the footwear when turning the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer on or move to a darker room.

2. The SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer is either not in a footwear or the footwear is too large to compress the safety swap. Try utilising the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer in a lesser footwear or place certain thing, such as a two of socks, between the heel of the shoe and the SteriShoe®footwear sanitizer. If you are using the SteriShoe® footwear sanitizer with a shoe that does not have heel support, try pressing the footwear sanitizer against a partition to compress the heel.

3. The light is either impaired or not attached in absolutely. If you have this mistake, unplug the power and swap the lights between the left and right shoe sanitizer.

■ If both flats now work (the on/off lightweightweightweight remains illuminated), the light may have not been attached in absolutely.
■ If the problem continues with the lamp, e.g. the right footwear sanitizer was not employed and after swapping the lamps the left shoe sanitizer is not employed, then the lamp desires to be replaced.

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