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Causes for Hearing Loss and How to Cure it

by mikerowland

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The principle of cause and effect or push and pull is what drive the world and can be used to explain quite a number of calamities in life. When it comes to diseases or other impairments, there are those that we can pinpoint the causes and there are those that science is yet to reveal to us. There are diseases that we get because we are predisposed to get them while there are others that we get because we happen to be in the wrong place at the right time. When it comes to hearing loss, there are quite a number of possible causes involved.


One of the major causes of hearing loss is otosclerosis which is a basically a disease that affects the middle ear affecting the small bones resulting to a hearing loss. There are a few treatments that can correct this but surgery is the main one. The anatomy of the ear is such that it is divided into different parts all of which play a crucial role in the hearing process. There is the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. These are important and should one of them be affected, the rest are bound to feel it.


Hearing loss when it is as result of diseases comes in gradually affecting one part of the ear before progressing to the rest. Deafness hence unless something major happens does not come in at once but rather is a process before eventually it becomes permanent.


Loud noise has been pointed out as the major cause of hearing loss in people. Studies have revealed that people who were likely working in loud industrial sites or those who frequented loud clubs are likely to suffer from hearing loss later in life. As characteristic of the youth today is to listen to high pitched music, this is said t be the leading cause of hearing problems even in young people.


A traumatising head injury has also been identified as a major cause of hearing loss. Road accidents for example have been highlighted as the main causes with close to more than half of the victims suffering from hearing loss. Skull fractures or an injury that causes a hole in the ear damaging the core inner parts of the ear will no doubt result to deafness and if it is worse enough it might result into permanent condition that is beyond repair.


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