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London is a playground for advertising companies

by kerringtonmicah

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The media and world of advertising is forever expanding, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Society is made up of advertising and some would say its what makes the world go round. But forget the adverts on the web, television and magazines. Advertising has been around since ancient times, where Egyptian pharaohs would stencil their names on temples and use papyrus to send sales messages and wall posters. This was also very popular in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This method of outdoor media is the king of all advertising, and companies who become embroiled with the latest forms of technology should not forget the basics.


It is predicted that in years to come advertising is going to become highly interactive. When watching your favourite television programme your remote control will be able to request more information, or even buy the product advertised during the break. It seems it will no longer be a one-way communication method just delivering a message. Some say this form of advertising is a step too far, a forced infringement, an invasion. If people want to buy something they will buy it and do not need pressurising, pretentious, interactive adverts in the comfort of their own home.


However, there are alternative options for advertising, that are not so intrusive, but yet, are still effective. For instance, an outdoor advertising company can help businesses to receive new interest from their unique and eco-friendly method of outdoor advertising. Whilst it is important to keep up to date with other formats such as social networking sites, it is always efficient to remember the basic techniques and remember how it all began.  After all, it has worked all this time. Advertising requires creativity and imagination. Visual advertising that includes witty puns or outstanding images (whether they be admirable or graphic),are going to be noticed. Whilst this is only one format of advertising, the printing world is slowly dying due to the mass development of online expansion.


London is the third most expensive city on the planet after Monte Carlo and Moscow. Two million people travel into zone one every single day and 90 % of them use public transport. London Waterloo train station sees 82 million on and off its platforms every year, and the London Underground carries 1,170 million people a year. The capital is a dream for all advertising and with 50 theatres in the West End alone, 4,500 pubs and bars, forty three universities, numerous retail parks and thousands of billboards, buses, trains, tubes, taxis, and rickshaws, it is a playground for companies who want to get their brand out there, attract their target audience and be one step ahead of competitors. The outdoors is what people see and where people go. So it’s no wonder outdoor advertising is the most successful.


Author Information: Kerrington Micah is a freelance writer with experience contributing to various editorial pages, blogs and websites on a wide range of topics about Outdoor Media. To know more about his writings Visit Here

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