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Things Women Should Know in a Gynecological Visit

by jhonraymagno

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Women, whether pregnant or not, should prioritize a gynecological examination every once in a year to make sure that their reproductive health is in good shape. This also serves as an opportunity to get to know possible complications that they can encounter during irregular periods, pregnancy, diseases and other cases.


It is also very important that the gynecologist that you will get is the one you feel comfortable with especially in dealing with sensitive issues about your womanhood. If you did a consultation to an OB-GYN that you don’t really know, the feeling  is quite awkward and uncomfortable because this consultation is a very personal matter.


For those who are planning to get a gynecological visit to start the year right, here are some tips that you can use to help you have a good gynecological visit.


Do not go to an OB-GYN that you don’t like


Sometimes, the gender of a gynecologist / ob-gyn are some of the reasons why women are hesitant to get their reproductive parts checked. Although we are not generalizing, some patients  see a female gynecologist rather than male gynecologists because they feel more at ease and secure.


According to, that is not only the main reason why women don’t go to the OB-GYN that they don’t like. In a survey that they commissioned, 40% of women had signed up with a new gynecologist because they were unsatisfied with their current doctors.


Among the top complaints were as follows: judgemental or unfriendly doctors, hard to make appointments and offices that always run behind schedule.


On Memphis’ gynecologists part, these cases are very alarming that’s why they make it a point to establish good relationships with their patients, because they consider them as the biggest income generators of the hospitals.


Get to know your gynecologists’ work ethic and service quality


According to Cubicle, respect and trust are some of the qualities that are very admirable in every doctor. In this case the major assignment of the patient is to research on the background of these medical practitioners.


If you want a quality service during an appointment, make sure that you’ll be very cautious and curious to know how they act inside and outside the clinic. It is also highly recommended to prepare a list of questions so you will ensure that all your concerns will be answered.


Have a Deeper Understanding of Your Body


A successful and ideal gynecological visit does not always depend on the competent gynecologist. According to Dra. Shannon Malone of Mid-South OB-GYN from Memphis,there must be team work between the patient and her doctor.


In an interview she added that, women can help in diagnostic in their own simple way if they are honest, vocal and upfront about their medical history. This is to prescribe the right medication and to avoid any inaccuracies in the check-up. Being a transparent patient is a good thing because doctors in return value confidentiality.


Like any other activity that a busy career women or plain housewife has, they should at least make it a point to visit a gynecologist whenever they can because health is indeed considered wealth. Paying attention to your concerns as a woman is the single most important thing you can do to value your existence.

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