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A Cunning ID Theft Can Continue Long-- as in 22 Years Long

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In 2011, a highway patrol trooper by the name of Richard Blanco pulled over a person implicated of driver's license fraud in Florida. Identified by many as John Doe, this person was thoughi to have been in the business of cases of ID theft for a long time. He was captured instantly after Blanco identified 20 identification papers-- all of which are owned by someone else.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation mentioned about Doe in October of 2012, citing that he was ultimately brought to trial after 22 years. The story behind the pile of records recovered from Doe's belongings all began with a wallet that was taken from its proprietor after a car break-in back in 1989. For more than twenty years, Doe was living another man's life.

What's more is that Doe had access to a couple of military establishments near Jacksonville, FL: Naval Station Mayport and the Jacksonville Port Authority (JaxPort). Risk to national security was initially regarded as one of the cases to be declared against him, but it was later dismissed as Doe said he wasn't enlisted in the U.S. Navy. This was despite the fact that he had access to at least 5 naval vessels located in Mayport.

Point of fact: John Doe isn't even the man's actual name. In spite of comprehensive DNA testing, his identification remains a mystery to authorities to this day. In August, he was sentenced to 10 years behind bars on multiple accounts of identity theft. But the sufferer of Doe's ID theft claimed he can't sleep easy without figuring out the true identity of the person who changed his life topsy-turvy for 22 years.

The John Doe case definitely shows that a cunning ID theft can continue for a long time. Someone can take up your identity and manage your life if you're not vigilant with your personal info. The most severe part is that it's a lot simpler to loot and make use of a fabricated identity for years than it is to validate that you're the actual person and are, actually, a sufferer of identity theft.

Know the complete story behind this captivating incident by checking out the report of the FBI at FBI. gov. You may also prefer to visit an associated story at for stats and more information about identity theft.

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