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How to maintain a good health body

by anonymous

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Having a great looking and healthy body is a dream of everyone. Well, in this article I'm gonna tell you some simple steps to achieve it, keep reading...

* in order to get a good health body you need a good exercise program where you can increase cardiovascular endurance and efficiency.

* you need to do exercise regularly and consistently. If needed, you need to record the number of exercises.

* don't forget to do stretching, before and after exercise (needed for flexibility).

* wanna build your muscular endurance and strength?, do some variation to your exercise.

* always watch your length of time or duration so you can realize the ideal length for your exercise.

* love the exercise, it's the key to maintain a great looking body.

Exercise will be a waste if you don't know how to choose the right food for fitness, so here you go:

* What is your goal when the first time when you decide to enter the "exercise world", but no matter what you want to achieve, you need healthy food and drink.

* stay away from starvation diets if you want to lose weight instantly.

* if you want to feed your muscles, go get carbohydrate cause it contains glycogen.

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