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Recover Your Hard Disk Data Even When Actuator Arm Fails

by anonymous

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Anybody and everybody can face data loss. Everybody cannot, however, avail data recovery. But if you are living in a State like New Jersey, it is absolutely simple to avail these services. The need to opt for these services can be amounted to file deletion, virus attack, lost or formatted partition, head crash, motor failure, damaged metadata structures, overwritten MFT, media surface contamination, natural disasters like flood, fire, earthquakes, and many more, which render the system, and data inaccessible. Such situations call for data recovery services in NJ.

But besides these, there are other situations that can lead to data loss from a computer. For example, sudden development of clicking or grinding sound from the hard disk drive can mean some major mechanical problem, generally detachment of the read/write head from the actuator. This problem can be handled in two ways:

  • If you have a backup on another storage media, simply use it, as no software or tool can repair the arm. Even if it is repaired, chances of it getting detached are still high. So the drive should be discarded.

Don't try to use that drive, as you will be causing erosion of the magnetic material from the platter of that drive. This happens because the read/write head touches the platter, instead of being away from it, when the platter starts moving. This causes the erosion. Since the data can only be stored on the magnetic area, its absence means that whatever was written to it, gets removed. And no other data can be stored to it.

That is why, make sure you remove that drive from the computer. Repairs can work temporarily for you. But they do not come with a guarantee. Even while using it, or while taking backups from it, you may end up putting the drive back into the earlier condition, or may be worse. So the best option for you is to try and opt for data recovery services in New Jersey. These service providers know how to handle such sensitive hard drives, and therefore extract data with utmost care and attention.

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