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Writers Can Now Organize Their Writing At The Speed Of Thoug

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Writers have long wished for a writing tool to help them write like they think.  Now for the first time there are writing software tools offering writers freedom from the typical linear, left to right style forced on them by traditional word processors.

In truth we read from left to right, but that’s not necessarily how most writers….write.  Today, novel as well as book writing software offers a wide variety of benefits to take writing to a whole new level.

Benefits of the Newest Writing Software

Productivity: You’ll have the ability to capture ideas and flashes of thought easily and faster than ever.

Stay Organized: You’ll be able to store all of your project’s information in one workspace, easily kept in view, for easy inspiration and manipulation.

Quick Outlining: You can capture your thoughts as they happen, without stalling or halting your writing. The ability to capture information quickly and arrange later is a brilliant way to enhance your writing.

Great Structure:  Each captured and saved piece of writing can be edited quickly and easily. When you’re ready to arrange your project each saved block or section can be dropped into place under whatever heading and column you desire.

Project Overview:  You get a visual look at the entire written document giving you a brand new refreshing perspective instead of forcing you to scroll through page after page with a typical word processor document.

Today’s novel writing software allows writers to use all their writing skill to a whole new level with a quick, efficient style never available before.

About the Author: 

Mr. Tony Ashley founded Ashley Software in 1994 to develop a writing software program that allows writers to rapidly capture and organize their story ideas. He started this company so he could share his simple tool with other writers. Over the last 17 years it’s clearly grown to much more than that but his main goal is the same.

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