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Make Use of Paper Honeycomb for Better Packaging

by anonymous

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Paper honeycomb is a good packaging material mostly used for standard doors inside doors. In this form of packaging, a layer of fiberglass is placed with the honeycomb paper then and another layer of fiberglass. The enforced paper is made into honeycomb shapes which result in the paper honeycomb. It is a much stronger, cheaper and a better packaging material. The paper honeycombs is much stronger than steel and costs much less amount for the process of manufacture. 


When collaborated with plywood, steel, plastics and other materials, it forms a stronger packaging option. This material is made out of recycled paper and eco friendly glue for effective packaging. The honeycomb packing is non polluting, eco friendly and one of the best packaging materials widely used. In present day world, where environment protection ad conservation is a matter of high concern, using eco-friendly honeycomb packing materials like paper honeycomb is the best option.


Due to its creation with eco friendly and bio degradable products, paper honeycomb is a leading packaging material today.  It is called honeycomb due to its shape of that of honeycomb bee hive. This packing material is used mostly in paper industry, automotive, glass, ceramic, transportation, appliance and furniture industries. Honeycomb packing can keep the product safe in case of sudden instances of firing and water flows. Most importantly, such packing is fungus and termite free and you can keep the products packed for a long time to protect them for wear and tear. It is considered the most cost-effective substitute by the manufacturers for transmitting their goods to the dealers.

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