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Here is a fix to open corrupt Powerpoint files

by larendaniel

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Working on MS PowerPoint has always been great. But one must adhere to some measures that prevent corruption of your file. Otherwise opting for PowerPoint repair is an indispensable thing. Let us see what precautions a user can observe before discussing ways to perform ppt recovery in case it goes corrupt.

Make sure that you:

Have the file saved on the drive on which you are working. Do not work on a file saved on the network or on some external storage media.
Do not allow fast saves as this feature appends the changes done to the file.
Save the document as often as you can.
Take frequent backups.
Perform hard drive maintenance regularly
Send the files over the internet after zipping them

The above observed steps help ensure your ppt file doesn't become corrupt.

But in case, you didn't know the above important things, and have already faced corruption, then you will need to recover your file, or at least the data from the corrupt file. For this, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Try to open the file with the system in Safe Mode. At times, system conflicts prevent you from opening the file.
Try to import slides in a new presentation using the insert menu.
Search for and open the tmp file create for that file using Open files option in MS PowerPoint application. This works in many cases.
Another way out is to try and open the presentation in MS Office Word.
You may try to move the file to another location. So if it is in removable media, move it to hard disk. And, if you have the file on your system, then save the file on another partition or hard drive.
There are times when dragging the file onto powerpnt.exe may allow you to open the file. You may try to open the file using Windows Explorer. At times PowerPoint Viewer lets you open the file.
Though, one of the above methods work, there is a possibility that the file is corrupt enough for none of the above ways to work for you. So, your last resort is opting for a powerpoint repair tool. These are specialized, read-only software that are meant to extract the data from the corrupt file, and save that data in another file.

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair software repairs the file and all the components of the file including color, charts, text, graphical images, Word Art Objects, headers, footers, and more.

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