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Finding Good Private Pilot Training Packages

by anonymous

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Learning how to fly a plane is one of the most exciting and enjoyable learning activities a person can take. People who wish to become professional pilots as well as those that only want to be able to fly their own planes for leisure will still need to receive proper pilot training. Because of the sheer number of flight training programs and providers out there, choosing the right one to invest time and money in is an extremely important decision. Here are some of the factors one should look at when considering learning how to fly a plane.


Facilities and Equipment


Most effective and authentic flight schools have their own instructional equipment including the most important one of all in flight training, planes. Most good schools have multiple planes that are kept well maintained by a professional staff. Some of the better ones even have simulators that let the student practice procedure and techniques on the ground before trying them out on an actual flight. Prospective students should also consider the classroom or training room as part of the training environment and most good schools have dedicated rooms that have the right teaching equipment for pilot training programs. The right reference materials including handouts and information booklets should also be present as these can make for great review material during down time or while waiting for the next flight.


Program Package


Most private pilot training programs are marketed as part of packages that aim to provide a prospective pilot with a private pilot license. A good program package for such a deal would often include written exams, instrument ratings, single and multiple engine qualifications, and the license itself. Additional perks like accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, as well as shuttle services from the student’s accommodations to the flight school are great if they are present. Most proper flight schools have reasonable fees regarding these services and most students are billed according to the amount of time they are actually doing training. Only fuel surcharges are often left to be billed after the program as different flying routes and training scenarios will often have different fuel requirements.


Teaching and Management Staff


The final hallmark of a good flight training school is the professionalism and competency of its staff and its pilots. The communication between instructor and student is critical to safety during private pilot training as any miscommunication or distractions can lead to accidents and other untoward incidents. Even though they are not often seen or mentioned during the training proper, good staff helps the whole process by ensuring that all equipment is well maintained and prepared for student use, and that the student’s progress and achievements are noted and observed so that proper steps can be taken to properly train him or her as a pilot.

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