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We have some amazing puppies for sale.

by Matthewsteven

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We are anxious to let puppy lovers know, we have some great Yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan. My husband and I have been raising teacup Yorkies for the past several years. I am a veterinarian and have a passion for animals being taken care of properly. This small breed is my favorite and from time to time when we have Yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan, I like to let my friends have the first pick. This time though, we had two sets born. We have puppies coming out ears and we want to find good homes for them. We are not professional breeders, we are just a family that loves dogs and want to give others the opportunity to enjoy them also.

We are located in the middle of Michigan and are easy to get to. Our Yorkies are AKC registered. They are all very healthy and we take pride in how we care for them. They are given love and special attention from the minute they are born. If you have ever had one, you will know what a great companion they can be. Please take a look at our little pride and joys. We love them and think you will to.

As a vet I can offer some special advice. It is important to find a dog who has been loved and raised in a calm environment. Just as children need the right amount of love and attention as babies, Yorkies and other dogs do also. I always advise my patient's owners to choose a dog that has had hands on attention in a loving situation.

Whether you are interested in our dogs or not, you will need to look for teacup Yorkies puppies for sale in the directory when you want to find the best match for your family. This breed is a good choice for adults and families with older children. They are very small and delicate and although most of them love young children, it is not always the best place for them to be. What ever you decide to do, you won't be sorry if you choose a Yorkie. Start a search today in the area where you live. It is easier if you don't have to travel to pick up your new pup. So look in the directory or paper under teacup Yorkies puppies for sale and see if you can't find you newest family member.

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