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The Latest Safety Innovations Available at Edmonton Car Deal

by juniorperrera

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Inventory items come and go at Edmonton car dealerships, and new arrivals offer increasingly advanced technology. Many of these features are designed for the comfort and convenience of the motorists. Some features, in particular, are meant to make driving a safer and even more environment-friendly experience.

Road visibility can be an issue along Canadian roads as the winter solstice draws near and the days grow shorter. To make the most of the available sunlight, car dealerships recommend vehicles panoramic sunroofs that cover the entire roof of the vehicle. Larger vehicles such trucks, sport utility vehicles, and crossovers with rear window wipers, window defoggers, and heated mirrors are also all the rage this season. For better safety, vehicles may be equipped with rear backing cameras to prevent collisions.

Aside from certain details on the auto body, adequate and cost-efficient lighting also plays a key role in ensuring safety on the road. For instance, recent car models have LED headlamps that emit a bright glow with almost no gas emissions. The same is true for certain interior lighting fixtures on the floors that guide passengers (particularly the elderly and the visually impaired) as they get on or off their vehicles.

As mentioned earlier, road visibility can be an issue when driving in Canada, which is why Edmonton car dealersrecommend cars equipped with built-in navigational devices. These devices are ideal for drivers who admittedly have poor sense of direction and have trouble remembering landmarks. Such gadgets are also convenient in areas where thick fogs render safe driving impossible.

Meanwhile, many new car models these days have a variety of anti-theft devices such as panic alarms, intruder alarm, and ignition disabling controllers. An ignition disabling device basically slows down the vehicle and causes it to stop the moment it strays too far from a sensor that the vehicle owner carries. This feature gives the owner enough time to report the incident to the authorities.

Finally, car buyers looking for eco-friendly vehicles would be glad to find hybrid vehicles available at top dealerships. A hybrid vehicle runs on two engines: an electric engine and an internal combustion. These two engines act in unison to reduce the amount of toxic emissions released into the atmosphere. For more information, visit

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