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Just What Everybody Ought to Be Aware of Concerning Free Hug

by clintonhurlburt

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Have you ever seen people toting a "FREE HUGS" sign? What they supply is real real and sincere. It's a global advocacy where "sometimes, a hug is all that we need" (as its website goes). Perhaps, you can learn a thing or 2 from this advocacy in designing your banners in Toronto.

Promoting the advocacy is really straightforward; just write "FREE HUGS" on a notepad or board and hold the indication at a packed location. If you like it in French, go on. As you can notice, there isn't any type of eyecatching or vibrant background design in making a simple "FREE HUGS" sign. It's just the words. This is the first lesson in making your very own design for banners in Toronto.

Pay attention to the Message

One of the elements that made the "FREE HUGS" sign a worldwide feeling is that these terms developed a durable impact on those who caught a glimpse of it. A lot of individuals would find it weird that a person is giving free of cost hugs at a random spot and time, which catches their interest. Besides, it went fine for Juan Mann, the one behind the Free Hugs Program.

Localize It

Nothing likely indicates getting nearer to the locals more than speaking utilizing their native lingo. English works for specific parts of the world, however it would be much better if you use the native language of a locality to reach out better. "ABRAZOS GRATIS" is all right in Spain, "FRJALS KNUS" for Iceland, and "DARMOWE USCISKI" for Poland.

Make It Still Catchier

Although banners and posters need not be beautiful to capture a certain audience, it doesn't hurt to make it so. Employ understandable fonts and vivid tones to capture the attention of the multitude, however do not overdo it by rendering the design a lot more attractive than practical. The key function of a banner or poster is to attract attention to a specific service or product. If it could not be read clearly from a distance, it defeats the purpose of making a banner.

To learn more about making catchy banners and stickers in Toronto, you could review the article on If you want to see just how "FREE HUGS" does it, check out the program site on

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