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U.S. Patents Awarded to Inventors in Utah

by ccierstraining

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DePuy Mitek,If you want to Buy Rosetta Stone Spanish software program, you should make sure to read reviews before you make a final decision. Raynham, Mass., has been assigned a patent (8,323,315) developed by four co-inventors for a suture locking device. The co-inventors are Herbert E. Schwartz, Fort Wayne, Ind., Thomas C. May, Wrentham, Mass., Robert-Jan Enzerink, Tracey,If you are a student and you purchase a Standard USB dongle, the Premium USB dongle, or go for the Samsung NC110 Netbook then you can get cheap microsoft office 2010 Edition for just £4 extra per mont Calif.he security purposes of Buy Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft lately said that Office 2010 is not only the best-selling version but furthermore the most, and John Margetts, Bountiful, Utah.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A device for locking a suture in place without the need for tying knots once the suture is placed within tissue is provided. The device comprises an anchor having a cannula and a locking mechanism for securing the suture within the cannula."

Ultradent Products, South Jordan, Utah, has been assigned a patent (8,323,339) developed by Dan E. Fischer, Sandy, Utah, for "methods of manufacturing a delivery system for promoting bone growth."

The abstract of the patent published by the U.Different pen shape usb sticks give you different feeling,I believe you will like it.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A method for manufacturing a delivery system that includes a bone growth promoting material encapsulated within a water-absorbing, water-gelatinizable covering used to promote bone growth in order to repair a bone defect and/or strengthen a weakened bone region. The delivery system may be shaped and sized in order to fit within a bleeding wound (e.g., one that is formed in the gingiva when a tooth is extracted). The covering may be formed of a gelatinizable-gauze (e.g., oxidized cellulose) that forms a gel-like material when moistened with water. The delivery system may be stored in a moisture resistant package prior to use."

C. R. Bard,Custom imprint usb sticks are portable mass storage devices with a twist. Each drive is strategically imprinted with a unique company logo or brand name. Murray Hill, N.J., has been assigned a patent (8,323,227) developed by five co-inventors for "tip configurations for a multi-lumen catheter." The co-inventors are Bret Hamatake, Grantsville, Utah, Jason R. Stats, Woods Cross, Utah, Amir Orome, Sandy, Utah, Joseph H. Barrett, Kaysville, Utah, and Dallen Glen Herzog, Salt Lake City.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "Multi-lumen catheters with improved tip configurations, including a triple-lumen catheter which may be useful for apheresis. In one variation, the catheter has three lumens with distal openings angularly spaced apart and staggered axially with respect to one another. In another variation, the catheter has two lumens exiting distally and one centrally positioned lumen exiting proximally. A third variation is a catheter with a single distal opening and two proximal openings. The staggered lumen openings along the axial length of the catheter may decrease recirculation while maximizing flow rates."

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