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Some Useful Ideas on Dog Grooming for Denver Pet Owners

by lizabedoya

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Frequent bathing for your pet dog may not be a nice thing. It can dry out the dog's healthy skin and expose it to infection. Exactly how frequently you provide your pet dog a bath will depend on the breed of the dog, but on normal coated dogs, veterinarians suggest no more than once monthly. Bear in mind, whenever you bathe it more often than you should, you risk stripping the dog's coat of natural oils, although naturally you'll want a fresh-smelling and a cleaner buddy each time it jumps in from the outdoors.

Aside from the dog breed, there are things that may have an effect on the regular bathing schedule of man's best friend. If the odor still persists even right after bathing, you may want to seek advice from a vet or bring your pet to a Denver grooming dog center.

Frequently playing outside

It will often come back with dirty paws and stuffs clinging on its fur if you regularly let your dog play outdoors. It's normally bad for the dog to have dirt and dust caught in its fur as grimy hair work as breeding ground for bacteria. You do not have to forbid your dog from playing outside but always remember to clean it up.

Longer hair

More often than not, bathing is more frequent if the breed is typically of longer and denser hair or fur. Some breeds such as the Shih Tzu and Maltese dog have long hair, which makes them a bit difficult to tidy up. Thicker fur will also make it tough for the dog shampoo to go deep down and clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Dermatological problem

Similar to humans, dogs can also suffer from certain skin diseases such as scaly skin, called exfoliative dermatoses. Symptoms of this condition may include excessive itching and shedding, hair loss, and presence of flaky particles similar to dandruff. Tar-based dog shampoo works properly for treating these skin diseases, but they need to be administered as advised by a vet from your animal hospital in Denver. Regular bathing schedule may not be complied with, but modified to enable healing of the skin condition.

For additional information on how to correctly give your dog a bath, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a handful of tips. You can check out their website at You can also consult with your local animal care center for more details.

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