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Indicators that You're Dealing with a Fly-by-Night Specialis

by willenefagen

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Storms can dispense an enormous quantity of penalty to roofs with sturdy winds and excessive rainfall, commonly triggering expensive damage to many residences every year. However, damage to roofing in Fairfax residences isn't the only awful thing that thunderstorms can bring. They also generate the boost in the number of unreliable professionals who benefit from people desperate for damage repair work. Thus, stay clear of coming under the trap of these "storm chasers" by remembering the following warning signs:

They knock on your door.

Take note that many professional roofing contractors don't go around knocking on doors to get a job since they have been in the business long enough to really make a name for themselves. On the other hand, dishonest specialists usually solicit work by going door-to-door. Distrust taking a trip specialists and never accept offers in haste.

They'll use scare techniques and attempt to intimidate you.

Yet another thing to remember is to always trust your instincts. If the specialist makes you feel uncomfortable and appears too desperate to make you sign a "contract", it's probably because he's not a credible person. Remember that there are a lot of accredited roofing professionals in Virginia, so you make sure to discover someone whom you'll feel comfortable to deal with.

They ask for cash and want you to pay "up-front".

If a contactor tells you to pay for every thing in advance and in cash, he's certainly not the kind of professional that you 'd want to work with. Specialists from developed Fairfax and Alexandria roofing companies commonly provide clear quotes then ask for an acceptable down payment. You should only pay in full after the task has been completed.

They have references and company address that you cannot validate.

Established professionals have vast experience and a neighborhood office that you can quickly go to. A professional who works in his pick-up truck and cannot provide you strong references should deliver you walking to the opposite direction. Always verify and double check credentials prior to employing a roofing contractor.

There's no doubt that the world has its fair share of good and bad people. So, when it comes to choosing a trustworthy roofing professional, keep in mind of the dead giveaways stated above and avoid deceitful people who are only after your cash and not your safety. For more ideas and info, you can visit

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