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How to Determine Hard Drive Failure and Fix It?

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Determining the hard drive failure is not always the easiest thing to do. A number of hard drive failures evident themselves quite obviously and clearly; other are rather more insidious. Here are a few common symptoms, which your hard drive may show when it fails. You must determine the cause of hard drive failure and go for appropriate solution to fix it out. Hard drive failure leads to some type of data loss and eventually needs data recovery to be resolved.

You can determine the hard drive failure by following signs, which the drive may display at any point of time:

  • Errors- When your hard drive returns read errors, which is an apparent symptom of the hard drive failure. In some cases, the errors seem to be at higher level; for instance, when you encounter repeated Windows registry corruption errors, it can be due to problem with hard drive.

  • Strange Noises- You may encounter a number of odd noises, while accessing data from your hard drive. The sounds can be like scrapping, clicking, and ticking. They indicates a problem with the hard drive and it needs to fixed for proper accessing of your valuable data.

  • Changed Behavior- When the behavior of your hard drive gets changed dramatically, without doing anything to the drive, it can be the carrier of various bad tidings. It is particularly true for the odd hard drive noises.

  • Hard Drive Can Not Be Recognized- If the BIOS of your computer can not recognize the attached disk, the hard drive is failed. This behavior renders all the data on the drive inaccessible and need data recovery to get your data back.

If you see any of the above symptoms with your hard drive and you suspect that the drive is failing, create backup of your significant data. In case if you fail to backup, recovery solutions come for your rescue.

If the data loss is caused by logical reasons like errors with file system, accidental deletion, or virus infection, Data Recovery Software can help you to retrieve lost data. In the else case, if data loss is caused by physical failure, read/write head crash, and disk controller failure, data recovery services professionals are their for your assistance.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the most experienced provider of superior recovery solutions for all types of data loss situations. The service is delivered through Class 100 Clean Rooms using cutting-edge technologies. Recovery software are available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, and Novell operating systems.


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