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Patient Satisfaction – What is your Score?

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With the internet revolutionizing every single task in the world, every aspect of searching has become easy. Nowadays, patients don’t visit a physician or a healthcare facility by simply listening to friends/relatives or reading reviews in magazines. Instead, they browse through rating websites to find physicians and healthcare facilities that rank high in their locality. The ranking is provided by such websites based on various parameters, including patient satisfaction. Therefore to score high, a physician or healthcare facility must offer exceptional patient care services and outsource medical billing to a reputed medical billing company. But, what is the connection between these two?


Fulltime Patient Care: By outsourcing medical billing and collections, a physician can focus on core operations, which is mainly servicing patients. Since, physician’s billing services involve a lot of expertise, a healthcare facility or an individual medical practitioner cannot handle them on their own. An outsourced medical billing company can carry out such operations with extreme care and deliver quality output. Therefore, a physician can concentrate more on better service to his patients that enhances their visit experience. It is these patients who ultimately rate the Provider based on their experience while at the clinic/healthcare facility.


Error-Free Medical Coding: One area where a physician has to be very careful is medical coding. Abstracting the documented patient demographics and services provided and then assigning appropriate codes to create claims is not a typical ‘walk in the park’! If a physician enters the wrong code for a particular service provided to a patient, then wrong claims might get processed. It will seriously affect the reputation and also the ranking in the grading websites. To avoid this situation, outsourcing physician billing services would be the ideal choice.


Better Medical Claims Processing: Medical claims processing is a tedious task for a physician’s billing staff of one or two. Reviewing claims for validity and accuracy, checking if the billed services fall into a patient’s insurance plan, and billing the right fees are hard to carry out independently. Moreover, if a patient is overcharged by mistake, it may reflect badly on the physician’s part. Therefore, it is better to outsource medical billing to a renowned medical billing company.       


About MGSI:

After knowing all these benefits of outsourcing physician billing services, healthcare facilities and independent medical practitioners should be actively considering to outsource their medical billing.

A good medical billing and coding company must provide all the above mentioned benefits apart from providing the best services! MGSI, a company with 20 years of service based in Tampa, Florida, is one such company that renders high-quality medical billing services to its clients.


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