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Having Your Teeth Whitened by Dr. Lilian S. Ong, DDS

by robbybellinger

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Business owners as well as business tycoons alike all agree on one thing: smiling is the most important skill for customer service. In fact, a write-up from the San Francisco Magazine Opentable Pool says, "More than half of us (Americans) claim we will not go back to a place where the service is bad, no matter good great the food is. Meanwhile, thirty percent of us state that we would certainly return to a diner where the service was really good, even if the food was not". Smiling leads to great customer service as it offers a more-positive image which is relaxing and comforting.

Unfortunately, some people hide their smiles, and teeth discoloration is among the leading reasons they find it impossible to flash even a single grin. If you're in the camp of those that have been dying to smile at everyone yet could not, there is still a solution— in-office teeth whitening. Dental professionals like Dr. Lilian S. Ong, DDS could execute the miracle you've been waiting for.

In-office tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic oral treatment today that puts smiles on lots of faces each day. It is a pain-free treatment that involves using high-concentration whitening gel which is applied on the teeth for a few minutes, rinsed off, and reapplied again. The treatment takes just about 40 minutes yet could accomplish four to six shades of whitening in one therapy.

If you're wondering about the cause of tooth discoloration, you're undoubtedly thinking it has something to do with inadequate dental hygiene. In truth, teeth may shed their color as a result of cigarette smoking, drinking too much wine, coffee, tea or other drinks that cause discolorations. Age is also another contributor due to the fact that the polish that covers the teeth gets thinner over time which exposes it to damages.

Teeth discoloration can be avoided by making a few lifestyle changes. Quitting smoking as well as lessening coffee consumption are a couple of the best ways to begin. Experts additionally advise visiting trusted dental experts like Dr. Lilian S. Ong, DDS every six months for clean-up as well as assessment.

Smiling is a valuable present that must be made use of even more often. Smile at every person, no matter just how difficult the situation is, to promote camaraderie, good will, and initiate connection. Browse through for more details on tooth discoloration and teeth whitening.

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