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Communications Breakdown: When You Need Your Brooklyn Domest

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“Communications breakdown/It's always the same/Havin' a nervous breakdown/Drives me insane” goes the old Led Zeppelin classic rock tune. But a breakdown in communications is really the genesis of domestic violence. And a Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer can help open up communications for you in a way that can lead to the best potential outcome for what right now seems like a “nervous breakdown.”

When a marriage or other relationship descends into domestic violence or accusations of assault, battery, stalking, verbal abuse, even criticism of sexual performance, clearly communications have broken down. Words have failed you and your partner, and now you resort to other, cruder means of gaining leverage in the relationship. In such an environment, in which people are more willing to hurt one another versus hearing each other, people play by street rules. When law enforcement officials, having become all too accustomed to such situations, arrive on the scene, they are already primed by experience to look for the telltale signs of domestic violence.

Moreover, in our litigious environment, prosecutors do not want to be accused of having disregarded or treated callously the plight of the complaining witness in a situation of domestic violence. The best Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer knows that such prosecutors and their attendant law enforcement partners are always on the look-out for evidence beyond the testimony of the complaining witness. For all too often, even when the complaining witness changes his or her mind and refuses to cooperate with the prosecution, prosecutors will nonetheless continue to pursue charges and a conviction by employing hearsay and physical evidence.

Imagine, then, how much more difficult it becomes for a defendant in a domestic violence case to find exoneration when, as can often occur, a complaint was the result of a false accusation and the complaining witness/purported victim drops off the face of the earth and refuses to cooperate. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors will have little, if any, motive to regard your potential exoneration unless you have already called your Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer onto the scene.

Detailed and experienced in all the protocols surrounding charges of domestic violence, your Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer can readily investigate the particulars of the situation, opening up the channels of communication between you, the complaining witness, and the prosecution. An effective and tenacious domestic violence lawyer knows how Brooklyn medical providers react to physical evidence such as bruises and lacerations, and makes clear that such potential evidence is not merely fodder for the prosecution. There's more than meets the eye—and ear—about a situation of domestic violence. Empower your Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer to shine a light and open up communications in a way that will help you find a path to a hopeful outcome in this right now dire strait.

Victor Knapp, your Brooklyn domestic violence lawyer, is a seasoned New York criminal defense lawyer, who for 30 years, has been fighting diligently for the rights of his clients. Victor Knapp believes in open communication with his clients and will keep you informed at every step of the New York criminal process. He makes sure he is available to address your concerns and will involve you in the dynamics and strategies of your case. He will meticulously review the prosecution’s evidence, bringing in expert testimony, if necessary. Contact Victor Knapp at 718.263.9000 or at

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