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Follow some simple rules and augment your Delhi holiday expe

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Visiting India is always fun. It is a country of contrasts and colors. Any vacationers visiting this amazing land savor its hues and multiple shades for a long time. And, one Indian city that offers a perfect blend of all Indian colors is its capital Delhi. The city has not only had a very prominent historic presence, but also is an important financial and economic hub.  No matter what is the purpose or the duration of your visit here, you will definitely have gala time.


If you want to soak in all Indian colors in one go, then make bookings in any of the flights to Delhi and see the magical land for yourself. However, when you travel here, it is important that you are well-aware of some specific rules that should be followed so that your holiday fun is maximized. Different countries and places have different rules. And, if you are aware of the regulations, your conveniences increase. The city is one of the most preferred tourist spots and to have the desired fun, follow some simple rules.


To start with public smoking or drinking is prohibited in public. The system is very stringent and strict about it and if a person is caught consuming alcohol in open or smoking in public places, it is considered unlawful act and one has to pay the fine. Driving while one is intoxicated is also not acceptable as most of the accident cases include drunk drivers. To keep away from such accidents, the authorities have imposed heavy fines on any law breaking. Thus, make sure that you do not indulge in any such act. However, the city has plentiful nightclubs and pubs where you can enjoy drinking or smoking, but ensure that you do not drive back in that state!

Also, ensure that you keep your luggage locked and use the luggage security system. The city has so many sightseeing options that it is possible that you might want to carry your camera and other belongings with you. But, make sure that you are careful about them as if things are misplaced, the process to find them back might take a lot of time and you might have to face unnecessary hassles. In case, you are out for your honeymoon or with you loved one, then try to stay away from the public display of affection, as it not considered something good here. Though you can hold hands and walk, but anything beyond that should be avoided in public places.


The fact is that the Indian capital is one of the most beautiful cities. The city offers a perfect amalgamation of colors, customs, cultures, costumes and cuisines. And more hues are added to this unique experience if you follow some simple rules. So, get going. Plan your itinerary, do a proper research, book your tickets on any of the flights to Delhi and get set for a vivacious vacation.


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