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Five Questions to Ask before Hiring a Vancouver Roof Expert

by brendangertner

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Vancouver is one of the few cities in Canada which experiences rainy days even during winter; hence, it's important for homeowners to ensure that their roofs are well-built to protect them from both rain and snow. If you're not aware of the current condition of your roof, it may be time to hire a Vancouver roof expert to perform an inspection. Listed below are some questions you’ll need to ask prospective contractors before hiring one:

How long have you been in business?

A company's years of experience provides a strong indication of its reputation in the industry, especially since it's been said that 96 percent of newly established roofing companies fail within the first two years of operation. In addition, a company which has been around for a long time is likely to have formed a partnership with reputable roofing manufacturers like GAF Master Elite. These manufacturers provide warranties and additional services.

Are you licensed and insured?

Some roofing contractors claim that they are fully licensed and insured, but when asked for proper documentation, they’ll fail to provide the necessary proof. Unlicensed and uninsured roofing contractors will only spell trouble for homeowners, especially when a worker meets an accident or causes property damage. When asking for licenses and a certificate of insurance, make sure they're current.

Do you provide written estimates?

Working on roofs—whether it's for repair or replacement—entails costs. As a homeowner, you’ll need to know what costs to expect so that you can prepare your finances accordingly. A written estimate also protects you in case a roofer suddenly decides to switch to a different roofing material. Have the written estimate signed and notarized so that it can serve as legal proof.

Can you provide references?

A reliable roofing contractor in Vancouver can provide you a long list of personal references you can double check. Call the people on the list and ask about their experiences with the contractor. If the contractor refuses to give you references, then you should consider hiring another contractor.

Have you ever received complaints?

No company has an immaculate record, so be wary of those who claim that they do. Complaints are a natural part of businesses because they can be used as a tool for improvement. For more information, visit

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