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How to Ensure the Normal Operation of Vibrating Screen

by anonymous

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     Hot season is high incidence of mechanical equipment, improper maintenance will result in economic loss, how to ensure the normal operation of the summer vibrating screen, here to give you a reference point of views:
     First, you need to build anti-sprinkled Pont for outdoor vibrating screen equipment, and do well ventilated indoors:
1) Outdoors, vibrating screen will be aging after prolonged sun exposure and wind and rain shower rins, which will cause the machine parts oxidation, while the exciter will generate heat during operation, coupled with high temperature, bearings, motors, sieve body will have some damage, but also reduce the life of the vibrating screen and reduce screening efficiency.
2) The vibrating screen working in the interior, you need pay attention to the indoor temperature regulation, as well as ventilation resistance, breathability. The ambient temperature is generally not more than 40 ° C which provides a good working environment to the vibrating screen.
     Second, when the motor temperature on the vibrating screen is too high: vibration motor temperature refers to the actual heating temperature of each part of the vibration motor, it has great influence on the insulation material of vibration motor, too high temperature will age the insulation and shorten motor life, and even result in break down insulation, in order to avoid aging and destruction, we make a from time to time limitations for the temperature in each part of the vibration motor windings, this temperature limit is permissible temperature of the vibration motor. If finding abnormal excessive motor temperature, you must put on the spare motor to ensure the life of the vibrating screen.
     The reasons for high temperature of vibrating screen are various, if the user cannot find the problem, we must not arbitrarily removable exciter, you must notify the manufacturer, they will send someone to maintain, so that the normal use of the other parts.

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