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How much should I exercise after c section?

by johnmash

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Most of the time, women who have had c-sections should stick to light exercise during the first six to eight weeks after their babies are born. Light walking is fine, as long as you feel up to it. It is important that your doctor check your incision area and clear you for moderate exercise before you resume your workout program. The most important thing to do as you recover from a c-section is to take it easy for a while. Let other people do your housework, and try not to lift anything or anyone heavier than your newborn. Be patient with yourself as you recover, too. The process is sometimes slow, but if you do too much too soon, you will only exhaust yourself. Do your very best to enjoy your brand new baby and just allow yourself to heal.

After C-section

How do I manage my C-Section Pain?

Many women will want or need to take a prescription pain medication to manage the pain associated with the early stages of their recoveries. Sometimes women recovering from c-sections find it hard to breastfeed. This is because it is challenging to position your newborn correctly at the breast when your abdomen hurts! Though it can be difficult, if you want to breastfeed after your c-section, you can do it! Make sure you have support available to you. Lactation consultants and postpartum nurses make wonderful teachers and helpers in those early days of your baby's life. They can show you how to use pillows to ease some of your discomfort as you nurse your baby.

Exercise For C-section


After the first 24 hours, you will be encouraged by your nurses to get up and walk around. Gentle movement like this helps jump start the healing process by increasing your circulation. Chances are good that you had a catheter inserted during surgery to collect your urine. Sometime in the first 24 hours after surgery the catheter will be removed and you will need to practice using the bathroom on your own before you can go home. As crazy as that sounds, using the bathroom can be tough for new moms, no matter what type of birth you had! Because your abdominal wall has been significantly affected by your pregnancy and the surgery, you may find it difficult to move to a sitting position from lying down. Rolling over, laughing, and crying may also be painful for a while, too.

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